Worldwide market for innovative compressors

J & E Hall boasts a fine reputation for its compressor engineering and after-sales support. Based in the UK, the compressor division exports products across the globe and has offices in the USA, Mexico, Malaysia, Dubai and China.

J & E Hall, working with its sister company McQuay International, manufactures the HallScrew compressor range at its plant near Rome. The group also has a manufacturing base in China.

The HallScrew compressor has been a market leader in the refrigeration industry since it was first manufactured in 1978 and has been installed in more than 80 countries world-wide.

Key to its international success is its outstanding reliability. Only three basic moving parts are involved – a main rotor which meshes with two diametrically opposed star wheels. This results in balanced compression with no power loss between the rotor and stars, and minimum bearing loads.





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